...So, "Who is this Mowerman Marty?" you might ask...


      I will attempt to enlighten you without taking all day to do so… First of all, I appreciate this opportunity and hope it will earn me your patronage. Through years of experience and interactions with numerous networks, I am able to handle almost any need you may have from A–Z.


      The desire to “Be my own Boss” started around the young age of 12, when I found myself repairing and marketing bicycles around the neighborhood and began building a name for myself in a positive way. Over the decades I have learned that it takes much more than dimples and a wrench to earn the respect and admiration of an ever-growing clientele base.


      With over 30 years of business, I have done just that. I feel the endorsements and reviews of my clients that can be found all over my social media speak for themselves. I can boastfully say that I have come this far by operating my business with “Old School Integrity & Values.” Standing behind every service I preform, or item I market, doesn’t hurt either. I always have the client’s best interests on the forefront of my mind. I pride myself on being able to save people money by doing only what needs to be done and bringing any other concerns to their attention, including them in all decisions to avoid any possibility of “Invoice Shock.”


      I decided to expand my list of services to include most contracting services and anything in/on or around your home to suit the average home owner after making them feel at ease and earning their trust and respect. Some of these services include home maintenance, repairs, upgrades/improvements and even bicycle repairs. I also service autos, both visual and mechanical, and even help with marketing. And the list goes on…  I hope after viewing my site and testimonials you'll feel more inclined to allow me to earn the opportunity to look after, well, YOU.


Much Appreciated,


Marty P. AgamaiteMartin Services LLC, Owner